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Congressional District 7

“Our enemy is neither Democrat, Republican, Black, White, or Brown. Our enemy is an agenda being carried out by those seeking to divide and conquer the American people”.  

About Terris

An Extensive resume of service to our community

In 2020, Terris was appointed by The White House, serving as the Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans in the U.S. Department of Education in Washington D.C.

Terris is an ordained minister and the author of Just Being There: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Children. 


Connecting with our Community!



The cornerstone of every civil society is the family.

Our families are under constant attack from those seeking to take away parents’ God-given rights to be the primary authority in their children’s lives.

As a husband and a father of three beautiful daughters, he realized that our families need A CHAMPION IN CONGRESS.

Terris on the Issues

Sound Policy for a Sound Future

Protecting Parental Rights through sound policy that ensures the God-given, primary authority of parents for the health and well-being of their children, not the government or any other entity.

Securing Our Border and Reducing Crime by the proper funding of infrastructure and unwavering support of our men and women entrusted to keep our citizens safe and holding the unlawful acts of criminals accountable for the crimes committed 

Restoring Excellence in Education by supporting local and state governments that provide families with transparency and choice of safe environments conducive to their children’s learning, competitive pay of highly qualified teachers, premium funding levels for infrastructure and rigorous curriculums, and the removal of divisive ideologies unrelated to the success of all students 

Fostering the Growth and Development of American Entrepreneurship with wise or well advised fiscal decisions in government that allow families to flourish economically.

Supporting Our Veterans and Military Families should be the priority of every elected official and American who has enjoyed the freedoms of our nation because of their courage and selfless service to protect it.

Unleashing American Energy and Protecting Our Lands with methods that are proven to be clean, safe, and cost-efficient to the American people.

Defending Our Freedoms Of Expression by uncompromised support of the first amendment of the US Constitution.

An Invitation from Terris

I need your support!

Our nation is on a path of decline like we have never seen before. The constant attacks of parents being labeled as domestic terrorists; threats of stripping parents’ God-given authority away from their children; the indoctrination of an education system; out of control spending of our federal government; threats of an open border to our national security; the dishonoring of our veterans and military; and the ongoing rise of inflation and crime are several reasons why I have decided to run to represent the families of Virginia’s Congressional District 7.

It would be an honor and a blessing to have you join the team.

“Our ancestors built the greatest nation known to mankind. It is the responsibility of this generation to do everything in our God-given authority to protect it.”

Terris Todd

Virginia's 7th Congressional District

District Includes: